30 minutes creativity per day… Day 10! Butterfly wings and other things.

Caught by a small remnant of a spider web and dangling in the breeze, there it was – a tiny butterfly wing, brown/grey tinged with purple. Aha! Now it’s mine ☺


As it is so tiny, I thought I would scan it using a flatbed scanner at high resolution so that every detail would stand out. Boy, was I disappointed!


Sure, there was some detail, but it was nowhere near what I was hoping for, and the flashy purple was really quite dulled back. Yes, I know that the scales on the wings of butterflies need light to “work” – this just added proof…


My trusty “point-and-click” camera did a better job!


Some of the detail of the scales is more apparent, and the reflections of light. The back of the wing was not too bad either:


I can definitely use this in a textile artwork down the track!


As you may have gathered, I look for inspiration for my art in many places ☺


Playing with the image, next came to mind, so I thought I would have a play with some of the filters on Photoshop to see what might eventuate.


The first filter I chose was the opalise filter:


The texture created is brilliant! Love it! Kind of makes it look a little like leather.


The next filter I tried was the stained glass filter:


Now this is really effective on the butterfly wing. It’s a glorious blend and movement of colours.


To this I added the texturiser filter:


Yes, I know – me and texture ☺ It created a subtle change which is really quite nice. It’s not as stark to look at as the previous one.


Then I went back to my original butterfly wing and applied the stamp filter:


It happened to come up blue and white because they were the two colours I had been using for something else during a previous Photoshop session. However, I really love this look – and it got me wondering what other photos or artwork might look like with this filter.


You will recognise my baby emu chick textile art piece (it’s one that I will be teaching at the Whitsundays in July) :



So, applying the filter gave me:




And changing the colours to black and white gave me:


Ooooohhhhhhh…. I can see so many applications for this…


Definitely fun trying out different filters – the problem will be keeping track of what each does! Any suggestions?


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