30 minutes creativity per day… Day 7! Blue Wren

Hmmmm… not sure if I should be doing my creative bit last thing in the day… my brain is now quite awake! Mind you, the fact that it is still 30 degrees outside (and won’t be decreasing much, if at all, overnight) might have something to do with it?


My 30 minutes certainly extended itself today – playing with graphics programs does that ☺


A couple of years ago, I created a cross stitch pattern of a Blue Wren which was given out in the free subscriber-only newsletter which was sent out to Embellish magazine subscribers. It does take a little time to stitch out – even though it is only one colour ☺ :



I thought today I would play around and see what it would look like as a graphics design, with the view to possibly put it on Redbubble. I should be more careful what I think about! ☺


Not as simple as I would have hoped – especially as I was really hoping to create a large file.


My playing around included creating uneven circles instead of the stitches in the picture above, but I really didn’t like the end result. I moved on to trying uneven diamond shapes (even shapes was just too regimented), and it didn’t look too bad:


When you look closely at the diamond shapes they are:


As you can see, they are not even – and I really quite like the look it gives.


After this my brain went off on another tangent – that of effectively reproducing the stitches as X shapes:



It’s interesting how different the versions look.


Can you tell that sleep is not going to come quickly tonight? I then went further in creating a more 3D look to the X’s:


…and changed the colour to a more denim blue as it was hopeless trying to create this look in black and white.



Well, I personally prefer the look of the 3D version – no surprise to those who know me well (I love textures and 3D effects ☺ ) To me it is the more interesting – so I’ll be placing it onto items on Redbubble (T shirts, cushions, ipad covers, and so on), which you can check out here. I particularly like how the “throw pillow” looks ☺




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