30 minutes creativity per day… Day 5! Cicada casing

One day recently, there it was on the rear wheel of my car… a cicada casing!


Of course, it didn’t stay there long! It’s now in front of my computer screen with a few other collected specimens ☺

Going back a few hours later, there was a gorgeous green cicada sitting on the top of my wheel – thankfully I did not drive off!

This also happened a second time – by which time I knew to search for the actual cicada, which was hiding on the back of the wheel ☺

Which now leads on to my creativity time for today – sketching the cicada casing ☺.

I used a magnifying glass and a focused light to see what I was trying to sketch – which in itself created problems, as I was holding the casing, and moving (and breaking – I broke its little antenna) it, as well as noticing you see it from different angles depending on which eye you are using to view it…. I used an HB pencil – no other grades.


It felt good doing this sketch – it came more freely than the platypus sketch on day one ☺.

Hmmm… I’d love to transpose it into a piece of textile art one day…


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