30 minutes creativity per day… day 3! Continuing Hitomezashi!

Well, I’m managing more than the 30 minutes, which is great! I guess that won’t keep up as the year progresses and work gets back into full swing…but, I’ll be aiming for at least 30 minutes!

I’ve continued on my Hitomezashi piece from yesterday. If you are the Stitch Police, you’d better look away now ☺. I have some “slightly” skewey stitching… maybe the cat on the lap last night whilst stitching was not a good idea? He’s pretty good, actually, as he mostly ignores what I am doing.

I left it yesterday with lines of stitching going in the one direction. Today, I have done the rows of running stitch in the other direction – three rows starting with a stitch, followed by three rows starting with a space was the pattern I used today.

Here you can see how the pattern created by the intersecting lines is starting to take shape:


And here I have completed all the rows:


Remember how I was using a heat-erasable pen? This next photo is the same piece after I have used a hot iron and ironed away the pen marks – so different!


I’d call it a successful experiment. I like what is happening with the variegated threads.

When stitching for an actual project, I’ll be a little more careful measuring up the grid and taking aim with the tip of my needle..☺


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