Embellish magazine – issue 19

How embarrassing!  I have not had time to show you Embellish issue 19 which was out in September last year!  Where did the time go?

Actually, I’ve been really busy both editing the magazine issues, and since July doing the administration for ArtWear Publications, the publishers of Embellish magazine (and also Yarn magazine, Felt magazine, Textile Fibre Forum magazine and Vintage Made magazine).  I guess, therefore, you can see where my time went 🙂

However – back to issue 19 of Embellish.


Cover of Embellish magazine, issue 19

Cover of Embellish magazine, issue 19


This is a great issue with loads of projects such as taking an old white shirt (or one from a second-hand shop) and creating a design, and embroidering it on the shirt:

Take a plain shirt...

Take a plain shirt…

(yes, this one was done by me)

…and of course other projects (not by me) which included shibori, thermofelt, paper magiclay, solar dyeing, and so much more!

The artist profile was silk painter and children’s author Kim Michelle Toft – plus there was a great article on working with silk, a wearable art piece, and again, so much more!

Issue 20 is currently out and about (came out in December) and it has “A taste of Japan” running through it as a theme.  I’ll blog about that issue shortly! …. I promise!


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