A photo in the mean time……

OK – I felt guilty….

Here is a photo of one of my major pieces for the Art & Design course.  It will be on display in November, along with all my course pieces and work, and all the other students’ as well.  More information closer to the time…. and that time is NOW!  🙂  If you are in Melbourne, Australia, please go to The Embroiderers Guild VIC 170 Wattletree Rd, Malvern where the display is up until 2nd December (lunch time) – except for 24/25th when it has to be closed briefly….  Please ring to check openings on the weekends (03 9509 2222), otherwise it is 10am to 3pm week days.

This piece hangs on the wall, is all interconnected, and has various levels away from the wall.  It involved printing onto fabric.  The largest “fragment” is copiously embroidered into, with some textural stitching and beading added.

Shell Fragments

Shell Fragments

2 Responses to “A photo in the mean time……”
  1. suzanne says:

    I love the shell piece that you have done. i have been trying to search for the design course you have done but can only find book making by marianne. are you able to point me in the right direction please. with thanks suzanne

    • Lynda Anne says:

      Hi Suzanne

      Sorry – didn’t get notified of your comment, hence the delay in responding. Thank you for your nice comment about the shell piece. The design course was run by The Embroiderers Guild, Victoria. The Guild runs it every couple of years or so (as it started in July and ended about a year later – except for our display which will be at the Guild during the month of November this year).



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