Include your Christmas decorations in your textile art!

Well, Christmas is over (for the most part) – and what are you going to do with those decorations??

How about using some of them in your textile art??? It’s not as silly as it may seem……

In a previous year….

Pale blue evening bag

Evening bag with Christmas decorations included in the embellishments.

…. and another example:

Mustard evening bag

Mustard coloured silk evening bag complete with Christmas decoration

These evening bags both had a wire ball Christmas decoration on their front – one is silver and the other gold.  The blue bag also had a couple of lengths of a coiled silver wire (sold as a Christmas decoration) which I carefully extended by pulling it so that it became a curly wire with a “blob” of coiled wire on the ends.

As for this year, I have the following in mind –

Wired cord Christmas decorations


Gold, silver and holographic cord Christmas decorations

I can see any of these decorations being couched down into and onto my textile works.  The wired cords should prove most interesting, with the greater possibility of going really 3D with them.  Mind you, a thin wire could be added to the fluffier cords…..

I’d love to hear what decorations you have that you might consider incorporating into your works – and see any completed projects!


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