Inspiration comes in the oddest of moments!

Weary from the housework, having to go out to brave the shops….. rather mundane…….

As I exit the front door and look up – there it is!

Can you see the inspiration in this tree???


OK – so you are going “what?”

Well, what I saw (and see) is the back view of a Tawny Frogmouth (a native bird) sitting placidly in the centre of the tree, blending in superbly as they always do ….  in reality it is the upper end of the trunk.  The angle of the light was just right to show it off.

So now, with mind racing, my next step is to design my work. 

I envisage the Frogmouth blending in with the tree so that you cannot determine where the tree ends and the bird begins.  This will be fun!  It’s nice to get excited when you are not expecting it.

I’ve previously done the baby (see in the Gallery, or press here), so now for the adult!

Stay tuned!

One Response to “Inspiration comes in the oddest of moments!”
  1. Lynda Anne says:

    It’s just as well I took this photo when I did … A couple of weeks ago we had a HUGE gust of wind that seemed to come from all directions at once and lasted a good terrifying 30 secs. The gust took off the branch to the left in the photo (and took out a phone line – the SES cut through our other phone line and internet/Foxtel cable when they removed the branch from sitting across them – missed the electricity thankfully.). It was also the gust that brought down the brick wall in the city that killed three people walking by. So very sad….

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