Just a little closer!…. baby wren wants its dinner!

I’ve just put a picture of this work up on the Gallery and then decided that I should really show you a little more about it.

“Just a Little Closer!” is a mostly three-dimensional fabric sculpture.  The baby wren is rather hungry, waiting for its parents to bring food.  Into the view of the wren flies a cabbage white butterfly, which the baby wishes would come just that little closer…..

For some time I had been wanting to try a piece like this, and as my exhibition was coming up at the time, I thought I’d give it a serious go.  Mind you, I finished it just in time – but I guess a lot of us work better with deadlines!

I thread painted the butterfly onto a piece of white cotton fabric and attached it to the picture when embroidering its body.

The thread painted butterfly.

When I thread painted the baby wren, I started out with a piece of chiffon onto which I painted the baby wren with acrylic paint.

Basic painting of wren onto fabric.

I then  loosely thread painted the wren – and because I didn’t do it too densely, the colour of the paint underneath was able to come through which added a nice dimension.

The wren was lightly padded and attached to the picture through further thread painting.

Wren stitched to background and branch.

So now you are wondering where the branch came from!

To make the branch, wool yarn was carefully positioned onto a brown fabric background and covered with layers of sheer fabrics.  This was then embroidered.

I then decided that I needed something else in the picture to give some perspective and anchoring.  So I added some branches of leaves.  Each leaf was made from two shades of green fabric.  After turning right side out, the single vein was embroidered.  Markings on the leaves were made using coloured pencils.  The thin branches were made using tubes of satin fabric stuffed with yarn and then painted in various shades of brown.  The leaves were attached by hand to the branches which were then loosely attached to the background.  Some leaves are also loosely attached to the background.

Finished, prior to framing.

I was careful with the stitching so that I could make the effect as three-dimensional as possible.

When I had the finished piece mounted (see picture below – sorry about the reflections in the glass!) I had a single leaf overlapping the mounting board to also aid in the 3D effect.


Finished and framed!

I realise that I have breezed through how this work was done – if you have any questions, please ask via comment and I will answer!



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