ATC Swapping Fun!

At the recent meeting (and last for the year) of the Machine Embroidery Group at The Embroiderers Guild VIC we had a small ATC (Artist Trading Card) swap – always great fun!

I received four ATC’s –

Chris' ATC

Rhonda's ATC

Carolyn's ATC

Another ATC from Carolyn


I think you’ll all agree with me that they are great!

The ATC’s that I made for the swap were similar to (and included) this one:

One of my ATC's


In my next post, I will show you how I made my series of ATC’s.  Suffice to say, they include mulberry silk tops.  The leaf sequins are holographic, which explains the odd spotted look to them….  They are a pale old gold colour.

Until next time…….

2 Responses to “ATC Swapping Fun!”
  1. Jean Pollard says:

    I am looking for an online trading of fibre trading cards, but though I do hand embroidery, I do not do machine embroidery. I was thinking more of patchwork, quilting, applique, hand emb. trading cards. I really don’t know much about it, but saw on article in an old issue of Australian Country threads and thought “what a great idea”. Can you give me any hints on how to go about it? Though I can email, attach messages, use WORD, and search the net, I am not terribly clever technology wise! Can you help??! JP

    • Lynda Anne says:

      Jean, there is a group on that is heavily into trading ATC’s and postcards. The group is called Surface Design. I think it is what you are after. I have joined only recently and am in the middle of a swap – which is most fun! Correspondence with the group is via emails – and then of course, you send the ATC’s snail mail. The group is spread all over the world.

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