I’m on my way………… !!!


This is a blog dedicated to all textile artists and crafters! 

I’m looking forward to sharing projects,  ideas and fun products with you.  I hope to inspire you to move outside your squares so-to-speak! 

I am predominantly a machine embroiderer, but am adding more hand embroidery, along with mixed media.  In addition, I love working with textures.

Please join me on the journey!

I also have a web-site and eBay shop that will interest you.

Coral Wall

4 Responses to “I’m on my way………… !!!”
  1. Marijke says:

    Like THE idea, we have a Large community on Facebook as well with textile artists

  2. 8cadowst says:

    Lynda – You Go Girl !!!. You’re an inspiration to us all – please keep blogging. December/January in Australia is traditionally a quiet time, so hope to hear more from you over these weeks –

    Very Best wishes – Pikipiki

  3. Willa says:

    These are interesting and lovely artistic pieces. I love color so this is right up my alley.

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